Renovation of 107 McCall Street, Greenville, SC – Green Features

Renovation of 107 McCall Street, Greenville, SC – Green Features
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107 McCall Street, LIV Greenville Real Estate

107 McCall Street, Greenville, SC 29601

The renovation of 107 McCall is coming to a close and it is looking stunning!  Beyond the curb appeal and modern finishes, the builder, Gray Development, carefully chose specific materials to make this a very green and energy efficient home.

Let’s start with the cellulose insulation used in this house made from recycled newspaper by Carolina Precision Fibers.  Their Green Shield insulation product is made from post consumer recycled paper fibers and offers many benefits.

  • Completely fills the cavity
  • Insulation surrounds cavity inserts like electrical boxes, outlets and plumbing
  • Reduces air infiltration
  • Eliminates drafts
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Lowers cost to heat and cool
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Reduces nuisance noise
  • Improves Comfort
  • Green / sustainable insulation choice

Watch the actual installation: Cellulose Insulation Made from Newspaper in 107 McCall Street, Greenville, SC

Energy Efficiency encompasses much more than just your power bills. Done right, sealing air leaks and upgrading your insulation are both measures that have a high ROI, will reduce your carbon footprint, and indeed will reduce your energy bills. But they will also reduce drafts, make your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, and potentially increase the health and longevity of your house.

Learn more about cellulose insulation and how it’s made in this cool video:


FSC (Forest Stewardship Councilframing lumber was used as much as possible throughout the house.

FSC has very specific criteria for what constitutes responsible forest management, placing a big emphasis on environmental health.  What is responsible forest management?


It includes:

Protecting fragile ecosystems
Respecting native cultures and economies
Preventing illegal logging
Restricting clear-cutting (removing all trees in a tract) and pesticide use
Monitoring the “chain of custody,” or ensuring that the wood in the product you’re looking at really came from the forest that was certified.


Another feature of this home is a storm water friendly driveway. In keeping with the environmentally friendly theme, the builder chose a ribbon style driveway. The curb appeal adds a quaint charm and character to the home. These driveways became popular in the 1920’s and 107 McCall’s consists of two parallel strips of concrete with an open, unpaved space in between. On the practical side, ribbon driveways contain less impervious surface than a full width driveway, allowing more water to drain into the ground below and reducing runoff. Ribbon driveways are able to respond more dynamically to frost and thaw cycles which makes them less prone to cracking.

Another interesting feature that adds character to this house is the reclaimed brick patio in the backyard.  It creates a charming, private outdoor space that repurposes the brick from the original chimney of the house. The patina of authentic, time worn, reclaimed brick is impossible to duplicate. The patio is enclosed with a cedar fence which creates a cozy, outdoor escape desirable in an urban dwelling.  A large piece of granite was unearthed on the property during the renovation and is artfully blended into the patio space.

These are just some of the sustainable, interesting features of 107 McCall Street in Greenville, SC restored by Gray Development.  Coming to market soon so be sure to sign up for our emails to be the first to know!

Read more about the exterior finishes of this house and sign up above for our next post about the interior details including the kitchen and bath designs.  Thanks for reading and please share if you enjoyed this post or know someone who is looking for a green/sustainable home in downtown Greenville, SC.

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