5 Best Places To Organize In Your Home

5 Best Places To Organize In Your Home
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5 Best Places to Organize in Your Home


5 Best Places To Organize In Your Home

In a study by Princeton University Neuroscience Institute, they found people are less productive and more distracted when surrounded by physical clutter. The home is a common place for clutter to pile up and stay that way for months. By organizing the most common used areas of your home you will find your life will become more peaceful and productive.

  1. Purge Your Bedroom Closet– Your bedroom closet holds a lot of different things including your clothes, memorabilia, important documents, and so much more. Start by clearing out your closet and getting rid of or donating any clothes or other items that aren’t useful to you anymore.
  • Organize your clothes into categories such as colors, collared shirts, jeans, etc.
  • Keep your drawers tidy and be sure to fold all clothing items.
  • Create shoe storage on shelves, cubbies or the floor.
  • Store lessor used items under your bed.
  1. Organize Your Home Office– The office is usually the place where the whole family’s odds and ends show up. If you work from home, then you definitely want to make sure your office is organized.
  • Go through any paper stacks and throw away anything you don’t need and file the rest.
  • Store all office supplies in containers, drawers and baskets.
  • Organize your books by either color, genre or size.
  1. Tackle the Linen Closet– The linen closet is meant to be functional, but it often turns into a catchall for many different items. Do you really need use and need everything in your linen closet?
  • Go through the closet and makes two piles. One for donating and one for keeping.
  • Be sure to wipe down shelves with a damp cloth to get rid of any unnecessary dust.
  • Group similar items togethers in bins and containers.
  • To keep things fresh place a box of baking soda in the closet.
  1. Clean Out the Fridge/Pantry– Do you have any expired food in your fridge or pantry? The fridge and pantry are often places we forget to clean out. When things are properly organized and labeled it’s easier to access your most used items and avoid wasting any food.
  • Once you’ve emptied your fridge and pantry use a cleaner to wipe off the shelves and drawers.
  • If you plan to invest in new storage containers, consider buying glass because it keeps food fresher longer.
  • Label your bins and storage containers with words or pictures depending on your family’s needs.
  • Add an over-the-door rack or shoe-holder over your pantry door for even more storage.
  1. Garage Organizing– Your garage is probably the place where everything you just cleaned out will end up. It’s important to keep your garage organized as it’s the place you use to park your car, work on home projects and so much more. By installing proper garage storage such as cabinets, shelving, overhead racks and even a slat wall you will be able to keep everything off the floor and within easy access.
  • Garage shelving and hooks allow you to properly store everything from yard tools to sports equipment and keeps them in easy access.
  • Cabinets keep your things out of the way from little fingers or furry friends. They also allow you to store ample amounts of items on the shelves.
  • Overhead racks are perfect for those long-term storage items such as seasonal decorations and memorabilia items.

When your home is organized your life is organized. By taking small and simple steps each day to keep your home organized, you will find your life will change for the better and become a lot more productive.


This post was written by Olivia Waddell from The Garage Authority. She enjoys hiking, running, and going to the beach.



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